DIY vs. Professional Roof Repair: Which Makes More Sense?

Oct 24, 2020 | Blog, Roof Repair, Roof Replacement, Roofing Services

DIY always seems like a great idea, doesn’t it? You get to complete a project on your own plus you’ll save on expenses. It’s a great idea until you realize the expertise required for you to actually do the job well, that is. Online tutorials and the like can sure make it seem easy but it’s a different story entirely when you’re in the thick of things.

To be fair, perhaps minor repairs are okay to attempt on your own, but for the big jobs like a whole roof repair, we’d recommend leaving it to the professionals.

What makes them professionals? They’re experts in their field, and in the case of roofing, this doesn’t come overnight or via a textbook. Through years of on-the-job learning and experience, they’ve honed their very particular skills in an industry that comes with many intricacies and specifics.

For one, once identifying a superficial issue, there could be a myriad of reasons to explain how it got there and what needs to be done to remedy the problem. If this isn’t your day job, it’s going to be pretty hard to hazard that guess.

Here are our reasons for why you should get the experts in for your roof replacement:



The great thing about hiring an external company for a job is that you have some kind of safety net against things going wrong further down the line. There’s no warranty on the workmanship you’ve learned overnight, except for getting up there and fixing it up yourself, repeating the cycle.



Of all DIY construction jobs, roof replacements rank high up there as one of the most hazardous ones. Not only are you working one to two stories high, but you’re also working on a steep angle – conditions that make accidents highly likely if you’re not careful enough. Any professional roofing company worth their salt equips their staff members with the necessary tools to ensure the best safety measures. In addition, they’ve been working in these conditions for years so are accustomed to being up there at all kinds of angles.



If you’re trying to figure out how to do something as you go along, it’s bound to take significantly longer than someone who does it for a living. This is true for most things in life, roof repairs being no exception. Time is the most precious resource and it can’t be bought, but by enlisting the services of a trusted roofing service provider rather than doing it yourself, you’re that much richer in time. Trust us on this one.


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  • Avatar Shabnam N ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    Lumen Construction has done some great job with my gutters. Everything was so professional.
    Ross was so helpful with the advise.
    Recommend Lumen Construction for any Gutter job...
  • Avatar T. Cutt ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    I worked with Phillip and it was an amazing experience! We had a rainstorm inside the house after a storm and he came over gave us options, followed up, communicated without making me feel dumb for not understanding roofing. 10/10 will … More use this company when we replace the roof!
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    Ross and Philip provided exceptional service. We had been having roof leaks for more than 2-3 yrs in certain spots in the house.We had this inspected by multiple roofers and no one was able to figure out where the water was coming from … More in the house as there were no obvious signs of roof damage. Ross and Philip were onsite multiple times and helped figure out the issue and fix it. They were always very professional, always came on time and above all figured out the problem.
    They definitely went above and beyond.
    Regarding the work, they went over all the steps in detail. The work was clean and neat. We will definitely call them for any roofing issues.

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