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If you live in Plano, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of hail storms. Unfortunately, our local climate can often create the perfect conditions for hail. While many people understand that hail can damage windows and cars, few realize how significantly it can impact roofs.

Unfortunately, many people let hail damage go unchecked. This damage can cause a variety of different problems in the future, including water damage and structural issues. If you want to prevent hail damage from impacting your home, it’s essential to work with a hail damage repair company that can help fix the problem.

At Lumen Construction Roofing, we have years of experience helping Plano residents combat the effects of hail damage. We can work with you to provide advice and roofing repair services that help you protect the internal components of your home. Below, let’s explore hail damage and its consequences in more detail.

How Hail Damages Your Home

Hail storms can range in severity. In some cases, hail may be barely noticeable. In extreme cases, hail may come in the size of golf balls. Unfortunately, all types of hail can leave lasting damage to your home’s roof.

Depending on the type of roofing that you use, hail can smash or rip apart your roofing material. Even small holes in your roof’s external components can cause significant issues. Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell if hail has damaged your roof without conducting a close inspection.

Problems That Can Arise

Hail damage is such a significant issue because of the problems that can arise after the damage. While having small holes in your roof is annoying, it’s not the primary reason that you need to contact a roofing specialist.

Water-Related Issues

Water is the primary reason that it’s so important to fix your roof if it experiences hail damage. Not fixing a hail-damaged roof means that water will have no problems entering your home. This moisture can cause a variety of issues, including the growth of dangerous molds. If your roof is leaking, check out roof leak repair.

Water also goes to work destroying the internal structure of your house. As water contacts components of your home, it may warp them or cause wood to rot. The cost of fixing these types of issues is often much, much higher than the price of fixing the roof in the first place.

It doesn’t take water a long time to enter a damaged roof, that’s why it’s important to get in touch with our team quickly!

UV Damage

If there are holes in your roof, UV rays can damage the components that sit under the shingles. This may not seem like a significant issue, but it can drastically impact the lifespan of your current roof. If you want to avoid having to replace your entire roof in the near future, it’s critical to fix hail damage without delay.

Our Services

At Lumen Construction Roofing, our services help you alleviate issues related to hail damage. We offer a full spectrum of hail damage-related services, including:

Roof Hail Damage Inspection

Roof hail damage is often hard to detect. That’s why it can be useful to have a professional carry out a full inspection. If you’ve experienced a hail storm recently, our team can carry out a comprehensive inspection to determine if any damage has occurred to your roofing components.

Roof Hail Damage Repairs

If damage does occur, we can provide professional and affordable repair services to help you fix your roof. We’ll start by ensuring we can prevent water from entering your home. Next, we’ll begin the process of repairing it—we’ll make sure that it’s restored to its previous standard.

Seeking Insurance Compensation for Hail Damage

If you have an insurance policy on your home, it may cover the cost of repairing hail damage. Roof hail damage claims can often be complex, and you’ll need to prove that the hail is responsible for the damage to your roof. We help our clients throughout the claims process to ensure they receive the money they’re owed from their insurance company.

If your insurance policy covers your roof, make sure to declare this to our repair specialist when you get in contact with our team.

Common Myths about Hail Damage

Myth: “If I file an insurance claim, won’t my insurance carrier raise my rates?”

This is not necessarily true. A hail claim is a no fault claim, commonly referred to as an “act of God” claim. There is often nothing you could have done to prevent or avoid the damages. In most cases it’s actually illegal to raise premiums on an insured for an act of God claim! Insurance premiums rise based on the amount of damage/ claims filed in a given area. If your neighborhood gets hit with storm damage and you don’t file a claim but all of your neighbors do, your premiums will likely go up the following year. Your increased premiums could essentially be paying for your neighbors new roof! The best bet is to have a local, trustworthy and qualified professional inspect your property for storm related damages before making a decision.

Myth: “If I file an insurance claim, can’t my insurance company refuse to renew or cancel my policy?”

This is not typically the case. Unless you have a record of filing many frivolous/ unnecessary claims, an “act of God” claim should not affect your ability to renew your insurance policy. Insurance carriers would develop a fairly negative reputation if they dropped every customer that had to file a claim. Most states actually prohibit this kind of behavior. Always check with your state’s Department of Insurance and your policy for more information.

Myth: “If my roof isn’t leaking then there can’t possibly be any damage up there, right?”

This is absolutely false. Even minor degranulation from hail impacts can cause the shingle to fail many years after the storm. The waterproof asphalt layer beneath the granules is not meant to be exposed to the harmful UV rays from the intense Texas sun. Once the granules protecting it have been knocked loose, the exposed asphalt dries out over time and begins to crack and separate. Often, the shingle fails after the 1 year deadline allowed by most policies for you to file a claim. The best course of action is to have a local trustworthy professional inspect your property to see if the damage is extensive enough for you to consider filing a claim.

Myth: “Isn’t my roof okay as long as I don’t see any missing shingles?”

This is a common misconception. Hail damage cannot typically be spotted from the ground, but there are a few signs you can look for around the property to get an idea of how severe the damage may be. (See our article on What to look for after a storm).

Wind damage is even more difficult to assess from the ground. Often, wind will peel shingles back and rip the asphalt shingle through the fasteners. If it doesn’t actually blow your shingles off of your roof, then they may even lay back down completely unfastened and only held together by the adhesive bonded to each shingle. A qualified local professional should physically get on your roof and manipulate any potentially damaged areas to check for unfastened, unbonded or wind lifted shingles.

Myth: “If my roof is brand new, shouldn’t I be covered under my warranty through the manufacturer, builder, or previous contractor?”

This is another common misconception. Hail and high winds void almost ALL WARRANTIES! It’s not the manufacturer, builder, or previous contractors fault that your home sustained severe storm damage. Why would they want to be responsible for spending tens of thousands of dollars to replace your roof because of something completely outside of their control? Almost every installation and material warranty has specific exclusions for storm damage. This is one of the primary reasons we carry homeowners insurance. Filing a claim is often the only recourse you have to get a new roof and reinstate your workmanship and material warranties.

Myth: “My uncle/ friend/ cousin/ brother in law is in construction and he took a quick look. He said everything was fine. Do I really need a second opinion?”

Unless your uncle, friend, cousin, or brother in law is actually qualified to inspect and evaluate storm related damages, your best bet is to have a qualified professional take a look. Many local reputable roofing companies will provide this service free of charge. Most types of storm damage (wind and hail) present in ways that can be difficult to see to the untrained eye. Shingles must be manipulated to check for wind damage and pulled through fasteners and hail bruises can initially be hard to spot if you don’t know what to look for. Our advice is to ask your friends and neighbors for a trusted roofing contractor referral to reach out to.

Myth: “My roof is really old and in bad shape. My insurance company probably won’t cover it for any storm damages, right?”

In most cases, your roof is absolutely still covered! The damage might be more difficult to see and assess on an old degranulated shingle, but it may well still be there and visible to a trained eye. In insurance claims condition does not typically determine coverage. The condition of the roof will likely cause your claim to be severely depreciated, but most RCV policies will allow you to collect this depreciation after the roof is repaired or replaced. As a contractor, we are legally unable to interpret your insurance policy coverage for you. Our best advice is to always request a certified copy of your insurance policy (not just the declarations page) to read through when you’re considering filing a claim.

Myth: “I don’t need to file a claim or replace my roof if I’m getting ready to sell my home, right?”

We frequently work with real estate agents that run into this issue. This is one of the main reasons that buyers are required to get a home inspection prior to purchasing a home. Here in north Texas (one the most severe hail markets in the U.S.) one of the primary things that a home inspector looks for is storm related damages to a roof. If your home fails inspection for a deficient roofing system due to storm damage, then you’re in a pretty tough spot. Insurance claims often take many months to approve, supplement, install, and close out. If a home has pre existing storm damage then the buyer may be denied insurance coverage required by the mortgage company. Don’t wait until the last minute to take care of your claim or you could lose out on a potential buyer.

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