What Are Roof Underlayments?

Mar 15, 2021 | Blog, Roof Underlayments

Water is one of the most fundamental elements on Earth. Humans, animals and plants alike cannot survive without water. But as life-giving as water can be, it can be pretty destructive too. We all know how major rainstorms, tsunamis and the like can sweep through an area, cause major destruction and disappear in an instant.

When it comes to your home’s roofing system, water isn’t something you want to welcome. Overexposure to water and moisture can lead to the growth of moss and mold, the deterioration of your roof’s structures as well as create leaks in your home.

Roofing systems have many features in place that prevent water from damaging your roof and getting into your home, including your gutter system, roof flashing and your underlayment.

Your roof underlayment is essentially the last line of defense against water before it begins to affect your roofing structure. The roof underlayment is installed directly on your roof deck, and it prevents water from seeping through your roof deck and into your home. The underlayment can be made from varying materials, each offering your home different advantages.

At Lumen Construction Roofing, we install excellent roofing underlayment to protect your home from natural elements. These are some of the roofing underlayment materials that we can install on your roof.


Felt Underlayment

When it comes to felt underlayment, you can expect a tried and trusted material that has been used for decades. Made from asphalt-saturated paper or fiberglass mat, felt underlayment offers homeowners affordable waterproofing solutions for their home.

Felt underlayment is available in two types, No.15 and No.30. No.30 is the option most preferred by homeowners and roofing contractors as it is stronger, thicker and less likely to be torn or ripped apart by extreme weather conditions.

When installing felt underlayment, the material cannot be left exposed to the sun for long periods as this may lead to it leaching its oils and drying out. Suppose you plan on installing a heavy roofing material like slate or tile. In that case, you may want to reconsider installing a felt underlayment because the material is quite heavy and will place quite a bit of strain on your roofing structures.


Synthetic Underlayment

While felt underlayment is the old faithful material option, more and more roofers and homeowners are opting for synthetic roofing underlayment. Synthetic underlayment is often made from polymers. These polymers are long-lasting, provide added strength and durability to the underlayment and are much easier to install.

When it comes to repelling water, synthetic underlayment comes out on top as it practically sheds water that comes into contact with it. Felt underlayment tends to warp when overexposed to water and moisture. One of the material’s downfalls is that it can be pretty pricey. However, its price can be justified because of its longevity and ease of installation.


Granular Underlayment

Granular underlayment is referred to as self-adhered underlayment. This is because they’re manufactured with an adhesive that allows them to stick to your roofing deck without adding any nails or fasteners.

Granular underlayment is made from rubberized asphalt combined with a layer of fiberglass. The ‘granule’ part of the material is made from sand or minerals. This underlayment option offers homeowners fantastic durability and strength; they’re also slip-resistant, making it easy for roofers or contractors to walk across them.

Their affordability is what makes them an attractive underlayment option, as well as their ease of installation. However, Granular underlayments are pretty heavy and tend to soften when the temperature increases. After prolonged sun exposure, the granules on your underlayment can come loose and fall off, leaving your roof deck exposed to the elements.

For information on underlayments or roofing in general, don’t hesitate to call Lumen Construction Roofing!

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