In many parts of the world, spring signifies new beginnings. Trees that have shed their leaves during the winter are starting to sprout tiny baby leaves. Plants that have lost their buds to the cold weather are beginning to bloom again.

However, in the US, the spring signifies a time of severe weather conditions and storms in nearly every direction.

In Texas, the spring and early summer months are usually accompanied by thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and more. Being outside or even inside your home is a dangerous time for both yourself and your home.

During these months, the roofing system of your home takes quite a toll and may end up worse for wear once the season passes.

These are the type of weather conditions that you can expect during the springtime and how they might affect your roof.



Thunderstorms can be great when you’re cozying up in front of a fire with some hot chocolate and a great novel. However, while you’re enjoying the dreary weather, your roof is preventing the storm from entering your home.

Thunderstorms are often accompanied by heavy rains, fierce winds, and lighting strikes. The heavy rains can cause leaks to occur in your home.

The powerful winds may end up lifting your shingles, ripping apart your gutter system, or causing trees and branches to break off onto your roof.

Lightning strikes can be quite dangerous. They’re capable of destroying your roof as well as setting fire to your home.



Tornadoes are not to be taken lightly. They are vicious weather systems that can flatten a neighborhood in an instant. Their fierce winds are capable of uprooting trees, tearing apart your entire roofing system as well as depositing significant amounts of debris on your roof.

You’re lucky if your home is not on the tornado path. However, your home might still suffer significant storm damage if it passes nearby.



Hurricanes are probably one of the most costly storms that occur in the South nearly every year. When hurricanes come to town, they cause widespread damage and destruction.

They are accompanied by fierce wind speeds, heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and sometimes hail fall — all these weather conditions a capable of significantly impacting your roofing systems.
They tear off shingles, cause dents and holes in your roofing materials, uproot trees and electric poles, and so much more.


If spring storms have significantly damaged your roofing system, please don’t hesitate to call Lumen Construction Roofing.

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